Customized Press On Nails

Customized press on nails created on each project given to the makeup department and okayed by the hair department. All nails done offline unless any assistance needed and approved by the DH. Customized nails available to anyone needing nail sets all period designs or continuity matches by style and color, please contact me.

Magnum PI S5 - Ep1

Higgins jealous of Magnum’s past date life after she finds a clue and it’s my customized production approved styled press on nails Higgins finds in the cup holder.

Day Shift

Created and matched designer nails press ons for makeup continuity ok’d by Hair DH to assist Makeup DH with safe removal of Gelx on the actress for these scenes and the press ons applied by makeup dept

Snowfall S4 - Ep8

Franklin’s girlfriend T is snitching! Press on nails by me, nails put on by Key Makeup, Geneva Morgan

Manicures Onset

Manicures done by me under the discretion of my DH or I was the DH onset.

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