Keke Vasquez-Tamali’i

Behind the Brushes! -  "One kind word or gesture can change someone’s day… be the reason someone smiles all day everyday”



CONCENTRATION: Makeup | Hair Styling | Hair Cutting | Hair Color | Nails | Mens Grooming | Beauty | HD | Film/TV/Commercials | Fashion | Advertisements | Celebrities | Airbrush | Hair Extensions | Lash Extensions | Microblading | Body Painting | Special Effects Makeup | Educator

Born and raised from Hawaii, Keke Vasquez-Tamali'i discovered the love for makeup and art at an early age. Keke wanted to be an artist, but Keke's mom said she needed to get a 'real' job. Keke is a former hardware & software engineer worked for top Silicon Valley companies around the world. Due to the "dot bomb" era where technology jobs were being moved overseas, Keke made the switch from engineering to hair & makeup.

Keke's talents and determination has grown from being a Salon Owner, Master Stylist, Makeup Specialist and Education Leader/Director (Head of Education) of mulitple Paul Mitchell Schools to film/advertisements, editorials, television and celebrities. Keke's is currently in the IASTE Local 706 as an Union Hairstylist, Colorist and Barber. She's trained (and still attends trainings) under beauty and business industry elites. Keke's talent has been enlisted by some of the largest and most iconic fashion houses for seasonal shows including Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, GUCCI and Oscar de la Renta to name a few. Her hair and makeup work has been seen and published in: Vogue, Giorgio Armani, GUCCI, Calvin Klein Performance, Jan Marini, Neiman Marcus, NBC, Bloomberg TV and many more.

For elite/celebrity local/nationwide bookings please contact: Keke Vasquez at keke@kekevasquez info or text at 925.388.6477

All salon Beverly Hills, Hawaii or San Francisco (haircuts, haircolor, nails & makeup)/mobile/personal freelance work please email or text at 925.388.6477

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