I was born and raised in Hawaii and the daughter of Ms. Ate Teu, father the late Junior Tamali'i,  the late Reverend Sione Mateaki He Lotu Teu, grandfather High Chief Tulafale Failauga Tamali'i. I discovered the love for makeup and art at an early age. I wanted to be an artist, but my mom said I needed to get a 'real' job. I am a former hardware & software engineer for 25+ years in Silicon Valley now a Hairstylist in Film/TV/Editorials.

My Work

I’m an IASTE Local 706 IER/Full Roster Hairstylist, Colorist and Barber working on film and TV.

With a hardworking and humbling approach, I’m committed to creating looks that fit the shots and moods in film/TV to advertisements.

As an educator, I love reading and studying periodic looks in different decades! Incorporating in my film portfolio decade looks and history behind each look. Just love history with hair and makeup looks!

I’ve been awarded many national awards in hair and makeup but overall the greatest achievement for me is changing lives by a haircut/color at a time.

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