Sidewalk Salon

Sidewalk Salon, a non-profit organization, is a mobile salon offering haircuts to the homeless on the streets to shelters. All volunteer hairstylists are licensed and/or cosmetology students following State Board Rules and Regulations. 

I've been involved for almost two years. Spending a lot of my holidays and once every month giving quality haircuts to others in homeless shelters, women's shelters with children and/or outside on the streets.

Our mission is real... our hearts are full of aloha serving with a haircut at a time! A haircut can change someone's life... I've seen it with my own hands and eyes! Read our story below... 

My haircut changed his life 

Meet Eric. He's been on the streets for quite sometime. He was telling me his story after some convincing from me and the Lava Mae workers. He didn't think it would make a difference but I wanted him to just sit and tell me more about his life. The more he told me the more I knew his journey. He was married and had a daughter... his wife and his daughter passed in a car accident. He roamed the streets of Chicago to San Francisco. He tried going back to the work force. Double major he tried to go back into the work force and no luck. He hadn't smiled in a few months. After getting his haircut, he smiled... and now on his way to his to an interview. He got it! Unbelievable transformation... I did ask him if he'd ever get married to have me cut his hair.

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