I've been a Help-Portrait volunteer for different cities in the Bay Area since 2009. I decided to dedicate a page for Help-Portrait because it's important to me because I'm a change maker in people's lives I meet and continue to have a life long relationship with... either rich or poor, young or old... I love bringing beauty from within and help bring beauty on the outer appearance with makeup and hair.

I've been a Team Leader for Hair and Makeup for two years and running in Help-Portrait for different parts of the Bay Area.

Our Berkeley Help-Portrait team has over 100+ volunteers strong. Of the volunteers, there's myself and my daughter Gabby. We've spent over the past three years gathering donations for makeup, disposables and other items.

We are involved in the process of giving the gift of hair and mainly makeup services to individuals in homeless shelters, women's battered shelters  and crisis centers for women and families receiving professional portraits on the 7th of December every year.

Each year as a leader and volunteer, I'm involved in the process of setting up from the ground up with photographers... we are their tag team partners in this great event.

I look to provide better and efficient processes for families in upcoming years to come and hopefully help and assist globally... please join me in making a difference in someone's life! 

Please visit my Help-Portrait gallery since 2009 by clicking HERE.
Help-Portrait 2011 Berkeley
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